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Tues. Night Social Climber Alternate
Alternate route with approx. 400 feet less climbing. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Valley of Fire: Moapa to White Domes
(Starting Zip: 89021) Valley of Fire Moapa to White Domes. (Difficulty: Hard)
Thursday Night Lakes WINTER Intense/Challenge Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) Starting from the Winchell's/Subway, ride into the Lakes and then into Summerlin. Climb Villa Ridge, descend on Sun Cliffs, climb Far Hills, descend on Desert Foothills, climb Hidden House Hill (optional) and return to start via Mesa. (Difficulty: Hard)
S. Highlands to Arroyo Grande to Cactus
(Starting Zip: 89141) Depart S. Highlands (Rise and Shine Restaurant) and head to St. Rose Pkwy, then right on Seven Hills taking a left on Sunridge Heights Pkwy. Follow to Horizon Ridge and make a right (all down hill!)and head to and take a left on Arroyo Grande and then to Pebble Rd. Follow Pebble Rd to Bermuda Rd and then start zig-zagging your way to Cactus. Take the new Cactus overpass bridge and continue on to the start point. Easy 25-mile ride. (Difficulty: Easy)
S. Highlands to Arroyo Grande
(Starting Zip: 89141) Depart S. Highlands (Rise and Shine Restaurant) heading towards Blue Diamond Rd. Head East to Las Vegas Blvd and then South to Pebble Rd. Proceed to Arroyo Grande and return via Horizon Ridge/Sunridge Heights Pkwy/St. Rose Pkwy. Listed as moderate difficulty due to climb up Horizon Ridge, otherwise this is an easy ride. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Wetlands Park Trail, Flamingo Arroyo Trail, and Las Vegas Wash Trail
Wetlands Park Trail is moderate, but the other 2 trails are easy. (Difficulty: Easy)
Mark's Sketchy Ride - Las Vegas Wash Trail
(Starting Zip: 89130) This is a ride that starts from McTodd's McDonald's on Lone Mountain and Decatur. Takes you down the Las Vegas Wash Trail to the Flamingo Arroyo Trail and on the East side of town. It's best not to do this alone since the bike paths are isolated and there are some busy streets on this route that I would only ride on a Sunday morning when there is little traffic. Take a friend and enjoy the ride. NOTE: There seems to be a lot of debris and glass so make sure you have good puncture resistant tires on your bike too. (Difficulty: Easy)
Craig - Gun Range - Grand Canyon
(Starting Zip: 89130) 35 miler starting behind McDonalds (Craig/US-95) make your way to W. Alexander and then to N. Jones. Left on Grand Teton Dr. to Thorn Blvd, then take N. Decatur Blvd to the top of the hill (Gun Range). On a clear day you can see forever! Return trip take you by Floyd Lamb Park to N. Hualapai Way to W. Alexander Road and back to start. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Lynetta's Excursion Ride
(Starting Zip: 89118) Enjoy numerous street and trails that are often ridden on typical rides. There is a pretty decent climb up Cheyenne and the western beltway trail and a really fun decent down Sahara. (Difficulty: Moderate)
M Casino, 26.5 Mile Hills Route
(Starting Zip: 89044) Start location is the M Casino. Then spend some quality time going through Madera Canyon, Anthem, and 7 Hills. Finish by riding the paved path that runs along St Rose back to the M. Plenty of parks for water refills and a Starbucks sits merely 3 miles from the finish line. For some reason the .GPX file generated by MapMyRide doesn't contain the amount of climb but it's in the neighborhood of 1640 ft (Difficulty: Moderate)
Reverse Red Rock Outer Perimeter - Maule & Fort Apache
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is a fun ride from Summerlin into Red Rock going in reverse... entering in from the 160 instead of W. Charleston. This particular route is a good one in the early summer morning hours. Fort Apache is the main area to be careful of as the road narrows down into a 2 lane road with little shoulder. Instead of Fort Apache, you could ride down Durango or Buffalo. Buffalo being the least traveled, but then that adds more miles to the ride. Your choice. Either way, fun ride today with the crew. Start/end at the Starbucks on Hualapai, just South of Desert Inn. (Difficulty: Moderate)
New Harmony to Parowan, UT Loop
(Starting Zip: 84757) Great ride from New Harmony through Cedar City and back through Parowan, UT. Normally temps are about 20 degrees cooler than Vegas. On this ride, of course they had a hotter than normal temperature day, and about 20mph steady winds (not in the forecast) that gusted to 32mph on our return giving us a head & crosswind for about 30+ miles! However, the route & company made up for it. This is the 3rd time I've gone up to ride in New Harmony and only the first time with this weather experience. Normally it's cooler and cloudier... at least I hope it's normally that. LOL! Fun ride. NOTE: If you take a group, keep in mind there is very limited parking and you'll want to carpool as many people as you can since the starting location is a Texaco gas station and not really a parking lot. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Centennial Center Romp
(Starting Zip: 89149) Start at Centennial Center in NW Las Vegas. Up Tropical and over to Hualapai. Down Grand Teton, over to Racel. Around Silverstone, up to gun range wind back to start via Tenaya to Azure. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Saturday Short and Sweet Southern Highlands to Henderson
(Starting Zip: 89141) Fun ride today everyone! Loved the tailwind on our backs down St. Rose. Headwind on the way back? That's a different story. lol! Rolling hills and beautiful scenery. For anyone who hasn't done this route, there are a few places crossing over the I-15 and 215 freeways to watch out for. Other than that, smooth sailing. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Potosi and Lovell Canyon from Blue Diamond
Climb, climb, climb! The climb up to Potosi is on the 160 and is one long (about 10 miles) climb. Stop at the Fire Station, refill your water bottles from their hose (pretty good water). Beware, the road you turn on to get into Lovell Canyon is a rough road. It's paved, but very bumpy and if there has been rain, there will be gravel and rocks. That road has more climbing, but there is some reprieve as well. Once you get to the end, you have a few more big climbs to get out of the canyon. Be extremely careful making a left turn onto the 160. You have a good 3 mile climb to get back to that Fire Station - and then it's all downhill. Great ride to get away from traffic! (Difficulty: Hard)
Ian's Trailapalooza
(Starting Zip: 89129) An advanced trail-oriented ride stretching from the extreme West of the valley to Lake Las Vegas in the East utilizing eight paved trails. (Difficulty: Hard)
McTodd's to Gun Range + Paiute GPS
(Starting Zip: 89130) Start and end at McTodd's McDondald's on Lone Mountain and Decatur. Mostly flat except for the climb to the Gun Range, and the incline to Paiute. Nice route if you want a change of scenery from Red Rock or RMT. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Capriotti's to Red Rock Calico Basin Back through Mountains Edge 50 Miler
Fun and scenic ride from the Capriotti's on Blue Diamond Road (at Cimarron) and into Red Rock Calico Basin. Back through scenic Mountains Edge neighborhood. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Gitane's Red Rock Outer Perimeter with a New Twist
(Starting Zip: 89118) An urban red rock outer perimeter ride. Starts/ends at the Tropical Smoothie/SambaLatte on Jones & Sunset. 42 mile round trip. (Difficulty: Moderate) Thursday Night FroYo - SOCIAL Group Alternate Route
(Starting Zip: 89148) Another route we'll consider doing for the Thursday Night FroYo ride... social crew. This route has a little more climbing, but follows along the same route as the Intense & Fitness groups, but breaks off at Banburry Cross. We start with the Fitness group, but then break into our own group once we get onto Anasazi. We'll throw this one into the mix as an alternate route. (Difficulty: Moderate)
68 Mile Clark County Shooting Complex to Red Rock Overlook Round Trip
(Starting Zip: 89031) 3100 Feet of climbing up to the Clark County Shooting Complex, over to the Kyle Canyon Turnoff, up to Grand Teton @ Kyle Canyon Detention Basin, up to Cliff Shadows, climb from Cheyenne to Lake Mead Blvd, up to Alta @ Fox Hill, then out to the Red Rock Overlook. Then a direct path back to town, up the Western Beltway Trail to Alta, down to Angel Park-Bonanza-Lone Mountain Trails to Gowan and north on Allen back to the start. **************** (Difficulty: Moderate)
Tuesday Night SMOOTHIE Ride Intense Group - Fox Hills Added
(Starting Zip: 89118) This is the revised Tuesday Night SMOOTHIE ride for the Intense crew. We've added the Fox Hills segment and changed the descent to Fox Hills/Desert Foothills/Red Rock Ranch. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Bikerdude's Goldfinger Breakfast Ride
(Starting Zip: 89131) Bikerdude's flat route in the Northwest side of town. Starts and ends at Goldfinger's Bar and Grill, where we normally have the Jumbo breakfast special after/post-ride. (Difficulty: Easy)
Bill from the UK - Red Rock Route Short Option
A visitor from the UK wanted me to share his Garmin route with everyone. He had a wonderful time riding around Summerlin/Red Rock area. Start / End from the Calico Basin parking lot, this route is 20 miles round trip and takes you along the challenging scenic loop. (Difficulty: Hard) Tuesday Night Social Pace Route Tuesday Night Social Route - revised to take Town Center instead of the bike path which has no lights. TROPICAL SMOOTHIE ON JONES & SUNSET (Jones & 215) 6555 S. Jones Blvd. #110, Las Vegas, NV 89118 (Difficulty: Easy)
BLV Tuesday Night + Fox Hills
(Starting Zip: 89118) Fun route through Summerlin with great views of the strip from the top of Fox Hills. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Craig to Quarterhorse Falls
(Starting Zip: 89130) 30-mile ride that covers the Northern portion of the 2014 Tour de Cure 75-mile route. There are some slight route changes but for the most part we followed the planned TOC route. Started at Craig/US-95 (behind McDonalds) head towards Alexander, then to Jones. Make your way to Log Cabin and make your way back via Hualapai and also Grand Canyon. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Southern Highlands to Jean and back
(Starting Zip: 89141) Fun ride from the scenic Southern Highlands area to Jean. Be prepared for headwind once you head South on Las Vegas Blvd to Jean. This ride is best if you know how to paceline and can bring a couple of your riding buddies to share in the pulls. (Difficulty: Moderate)
74 Miles - Circumnavigate the Valley Outside of the 215
(Starting Zip: 89031) Total ascent/descent is ~2600ft ***Starting and Ending at Fire Station 55 on N. Allen. This exact track requires short distances of riding on dirt roads and alongside 215 between Washburn and Lone Mountain. Uses the Western Beltway, East 215, Paseo Parkway, Amargosa, UPRR, Duck Creek, Flamino-Arroyo, and Las Vegas Wash Trails. ***On the western side of the valley between Ann Road and Lone Mountain Road, if you do not want to go off-road, take Ann east to Grand Canyon, turn right on Grand Canyon, then right on Lone Mountain back to the same track. ***On the Las Vegas Wash Trail, instead of transitioning from Ballinger to the trail along the Desert Rose Golf Course stay on Ballinger as it turns into Christy Lane and take Christy north to Stewart, turn left on Stewart, and then catch the trail again just west of Nellis*** (Difficulty: Moderate)
City of Henderson Bike Swap Route with BLV
(Starting Zip: 89074) This is the route we'll take for the City of Henderson Bike Swap Ride on March 29th, 2014. Starts at Cornerstone Park, we'll head to Gibson and then jump on the UPRR bike path and take that path all the way to Nevada State College. 96% of this ride is on a non-motorized bike path! Come on out! (Difficulty: Easy)
215 Beltway Excursion
(Starting Zip: 89135) Started from the Dunkin' Donuts on W. Charleston and Desert Foothills. This route takes you up the new sections of the 215 Beltway, North of Far Hills. This will make a great addition when it's completed. Also, a great path to ride if we want to ride to Paiute or Northwest Las Vegas. On the way back from the excursion, we decided to ride all the way South on the Beltway trail, so this route shows the entire stretch we can ride at this point in time. (Difficulty: Moderate)
BLV Tuesday Night SMOOTHIE Ride - Fitness Crew
(Starting Zip: 89118) The new Tuesday Night SMOOTHIE ride for the FITNESS crew. This route is basically and out and back from Jones/Sunset (Jones & 215) into Summerlin. Distance is just under 28 miles. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Lisa's Loca Ride
(Starting Zip: 89141) As the title suggests, it's a little crazy! You'll work your way from Southern Highlands through the industrial area in the center of town, through UNLV, to across and behind the Las Vegas strip, ultimately ending up onto Boulder Highway in Henderson to the bike path off College drive and back to Southern Highlands. It's just under 50 miles round trip and it's fun. Due to the amount of traffic on these roads, I would suggest only doing this route on a Sunday. I gave this a moderate rating due to the streets you'll take and traffic you may encounter. (Difficulty: Moderate)
CBT to M Casino Alternate Route
(Starting Zip: 89135) For anyone who is coming from Summerlin and needs/wants to get to the M Casino. Many of these roads have little traffic and are more bike friendly. On the way back, there are spots on Decatur and Warm Springs that narrow into a single lane with little shoulder, that's the worst part of the ride... but those sections are normally pretty short. Great ride for a small group or anyone needing to commute from one side of town to the other. I chose moderate level of difficulty due to the roads narrowing which would intimidate a recreational bike path rider. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Sunrise Trailhead at the Wetlands to Deer Springs terminus on the Upper Las Vegas Wash Trail
(Starting Zip: 89081) Sunrise Trailhead at Wetlands to Deer Springs at the northern end of the Upper Las Vegas Wash Trail' Road cycling required to get from Washington to Lamb and improvisation around Walmart to get from Charleston to Stewart (Difficulty: Easy)
Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail to Sunrise Trailhead at the Wetlands
(Starting Zip: 89031) Road cycling required to get from Lamb to Washington and improvisation around Walmart to get from Stewart to Charleston (Difficulty: Easy)
Las Vegas Wash and Cedar Drainage Trail
Easy paved trails on the North-East side of town (Difficulty: Easy)
Craig to Red Rock Overlook via Sun City
(Starting Zip: 89129) Starting at Craig/US-95 (behind McDonalds) go South on N. Tenaya to W. Alexandria. Head towards N. Rampart/Del Webb Blvd. Enter Sun City and take Villa Ridge up to the top (lot's of leg power needed here) and then a too-brief ride down to Anasazi. Right turn onto Town Center, to Alta, to Desert Foothills, to Charleston which turns into Blue Diamond Road, to Lookout Point. Return trip is much easier! Enjoy! (Difficulty: Hard)
Thursday Night WINTER Ride Alternate Route
(Starting Zip: 89117) Since they've closed up the Fox Hills section of the route, we'll add Hidden House back in until they open it back up. 25 mile round trip, first 9 miles are the worst... then it's mostly downhill from there. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Capriotti's on Blue Diamond to Red Rock Calico Basin
(Starting Zip: 89113) Fun ride from the Capriotti's on Blue Diamond Hwy, near Cimarron, up, into Red Rock's Calico Basin. Coming back we took the 159 to 160 and looped around Mountains Edge to maker a safer turn into the Capriotti's. Post-ride HOT sandwich really hit the spot on a cold wintery day today! Nice route for anyone wanting a 40+ mile option with some climbing. (Difficulty: Moderate)
BadBoyG's Apex Out and Back
(Starting Zip: 89117) Fun ride that has a little bit of urban jungle in the beginning and long climbs and descents as you work your way out by the Speedway, ending up at the Love's Gas Station in Apex. Watch out for debris in the road though... lots of flat tires today on our ride out there. (Difficulty: Moderate)
McTodd's McDonald's to Paiute 32 miler
(Starting Zip: 89130) Nice ride from McTodd's McDonalds on Lone Mountain and Decatur to the Indian Paiute Resort off the 95 freeway. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Southern Highlands to Red Rock Outer Perimeter
(Starting Zip: 89141) For anyone who lives in Southern Highlands... this is a good route to do if you want to ride into Red Rock from the 160 and then back out from Summerlin. Love that they opened up Maule and Grand Canyon... that's a great way to get around the traffic on Sunset and Fort Apache. (Difficulty: Moderate)
M to Goodsprings 2 - Looping back behind Goodsprings
(Starting Zip: 89044) This is an out and back ride from the M Casino on Las Vegas Blvd and St. Rose Parkway. We ride to Jean and rest at the gas station, then head to Goodsprings and regroup at the Saloon. Once we reach Goodsprings, we ride through the town and loop back to Jean, and then the M. Take buddies with you... you'll need them to paceline through the headwinds that are always on this route. (Difficulty: Moderate)
UMC to VA Hospital
(Starting Zip: 89106) Easiest way to under the 15 via bike lane and to go to North Las Vegas from downtown, goes by outlet mall, Cleveland Clinic, Clark County Gov Center, Rescue Mission, Historic D Street (with new bike lane), up Losee under the new Wash Trail bridge, onto the Wash Trail behind the NLVFD HQ, through the industrial park (might catch a whiff of the pig farm here) around Shadow Creek Golf Course to the VA. (Difficulty: Easy)
Perk Up Coffee to Entrance to RMT and back
(Starting Zip: 89141) A route starting from Southern Highlands and into Henderson. We never get on the RMT on this one, but this route does take you to it. (Difficulty: Easy)
BLV Thursday Night WINTER Ride Reversed
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is our regular Thursday Night WINTER Ride ridden in reverse. Loved the route! Start and end at the Subways/Winchells. (Difficulty: Moderate)
BLV Thursday Night Lakes WINTER Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) Starting from the Winchell's / Subway, ride into the Lakes and then into Summerlin. Some new roads on this route also... with great views at night! (Difficulty: Moderate)
Nelson Landing from AraciaPark
An out and back from Acacia Park near the 95 and 215 in Henderson to Nelson Landing on the Colorado (Difficulty: Moderate)
Southern Highlands to NV State College Loop near RMT
(Starting Zip: 89141) This route starts/ends at the Perk Up Coffee on Southern Highlands Parkway. Takes you to the St. Rose trail, beltway trail, and union pacific trail... ending near the RMT, Nevada State College where we loop back around and head back a similar way. We do get on the roads coming back, but take trails in certain areas to avoid too much traffic. (Difficulty: Easy)
Lake Mead loop
Loop ride with lots of rolling hills. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Ride 2 Recovery 70 Mile Option
Forgot to turn on my Garmin at the start of the ride... oops. Lots of climbing, and great route into Lake Mead and around Henderson before heading back to the strip where we started. (Difficulty: Moderate)
BikingLasVegas Tuesday Night Winter COFFEE Ride: 2013-2014 Season
(Starting Zip: 89135) Starting from the Town Center & W. Charleston Albertson's parking lot, we ride a leisurely 20 mile ride just for fun and fitness. Post-ride, we hang out inside the Starbucks for a warm coffee, cocoa, or milk steamer. (Difficulty: Moderate)
BikingLasVegas Thursday Night Winter SOUP Ride 2013-2014 Season
(Starting Zip: 89113) This is the new route for the BLV Thursday Night Winter SOUP Ride 2013/2014 Season. Start and End at Brentwood Cafe which is open until 10pm. Post-ride, they have an enclosed cafe where we can have a hot beverage or meal. THIS IS NOT A STRAVA RIDE... We will NOT have separate pace groups during the Winter season. This is a base-building aerobic ride. Social paced group ride only please, ;) ONLY REQUIREMENTS: Know how to ride within a group, and average at least 13mph for the entire route. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Valley of Fire: White Domes with Silica Rock
(Starting Zip: 89025) Challenging rollers and short steeps in one of the most beautiful state parks in Nevada. Definitely bring a couple friends so you can take in the scenery and make it a day. It gets very hot in the Valley of Fire, so this ride is best done in late fall through spring. (Difficulty: Hard)
2013 Ride 2 Recovery 75 Mile Long Option
(Starting Zip: 89119) Starting from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South, South Parking Lot, Las Vegas, NV 89119 (Difficulty: Moderate)
Wetlands Park Excursion with Jorge - Mountain Bike Ride
(Starting Zip: 89122) Fun excursion ride through Wetlands Park with Jorge. Lots of new paved bike paths, dirt paths/fire roads to ride. Can't wait until it's all completed. This will be a great place to ride. (Difficulty: Easy)
Cold Creek Climb
(Starting Zip: 89124) Starting at the bottom of Lee Canyon, turn left on the 95 heading North. Make a left at the Cold Creek turnoff and climb all the way to the end. Total trip is just under 40 miles. Enjoy miles 14-16 on the Cold Creek climb and keep an eye out for wild horses along this route. Beautiful and challenging. (Difficulty: Hard)
Bike and Bocce from Gardens Park
(Starting Zip: 89135) Nice recreational ride around Summerlin followed up by Bocce at Gardens Park. Social pace, very little climbing. Gardens Park is located near Town Center and Twain. (Difficulty: Easy)
Flamingo Arroyo Trail
Nice route for those that live on the East side of town. See for more info on the trail. (Difficulty: Easy)
2013 BikeMS Sedona - Day 2 50 miler
(Starting Zip: 86326) Day 2 was a bit easier, but towards the end, it felt like they ran out of route options and just had us circle back around town. (Difficulty: Moderate)
2013 BikeMS Sedona - Day 1 Century
(Starting Zip: 86326) Starting at the Fairgrounds in Cottonwood, AZ. One of the toughest century rides I've ever done. A LOT OF HILLS! Rollers, short steeps and long climbs. Give it a few seconds to load, since it's a large file. (Difficulty: Hard)
Southern Highlands to Mountains Edge Easy Spin
(Starting Zip: 89141) An easier spin starting in Southern Highlands and into Mountains Edge and back. (Difficulty: Easy)
Lakes to Mountains Edge Exploration Peak Park
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is a relatively flat route, great for beginners. Start at the Lakes and ride South to the Mountains Edge Exploration Peak Park. Return via Summerlin. Great for recovery or social rides. (Difficulty: Easy)
Southern Highlands to Jean then Goodsprings + Democracy Loop
(Starting Zip: 89141) This is a 70 mile with little stopping and a lot of constant pedaling. Take some riding buddies with you so you can enjoy a great paceline once you get onto Las Vegas Blvd South, all the way to Jean. In the town of Goodsprings, stop at the Pioneer Saloon for a taste of the old west. Loop back around and on the return trip, peel off for a leg burning climb up the Democracy loop in Anthem. When you get back to Southern Highlands, enjoy a post-ride breakfast or lunch at one of the many food vendors in the shopping center. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Crossing the Strip Excursion with Lynetta
(Starting Zip: 89141) Started near the Levi/Jones intersection in Southern Highlands. Headed North crossing Blue Diamond to Jones, and working our way East eventually landing at Russell and Las Vegas Blvd. Rode LV Blvd for about 2 blocks and made the first right turn out of there. Somehow rode into UNLV Campus and was able to get out via a parking lot on the other end of campus. That's why it's always good to ride bikes on a college campus. We can go where cars can't. Ended up on Harmon and eventually Flamingo, where we rode to Boulder Hwy. Took College to the Union Pacific or Reunion Trail (thanks Raf for showing me.) Then back to St. Rose Pkwy bike path and back into Southern Highlands. Nice distance ride, not much climbing. I chose moderate difficulty because of the maneuvering across and through the strip area. (Difficulty: Moderate)
S. Highlands to Charleston/I-215 including Red Rock Loop
(Starting Zip: 89141) Start at Rise and Shine restaurant located in Southern Highlands Shopping Center at Cactus and Southern Highlands Pkwy. Uphill all the way to Calico Basin and then a breather to Charleston/I-215. Tackle Red Rock Loop on the return trip home. 70 miles of pure fun!!! (Difficulty: Moderate)
Lakes to Pauite with return through Desert Shores
(Starting Zip: 89117) Starting at the small park at the Lakes, riding through Sun City - descending Villa Ridge, working our way to the 95 where we jump on at Kyle Canyon and exit at Snow Mountain. Then, on the return, we head back off the Kyle Canyon West to Grand Teton, working our way back up Alexander to Gowan. Take Gowan to Cimarron and ride through the scenic Desert Shores. Eventually ending the ride by heading South on Durango from Vegas Drive. Traffic on Durango does get busy, so be careful there. Remember to turn off into the Lakes entrance off Starboard (Difficulty: Moderate) Thursday NIGHT MENCHIE'S Ride - C Group
(Starting Zip: 89148) The new 2013 Thursday Night Menchie's ride for the "C" group. The pace is slower, so it's perfect for a newer rider who can average at least 12mph plus with a couple good hills. The elevation chart is not calculating properly on this one, but it's about 1300 feet of climbing... the route is correct. (Difficulty: Moderate) Thursday NIGHT MENCHIE'S Ride - B Group
(Starting Zip: 89148) Here is the route for the new 2013 Thursday Night Menchie's ride - for the "B" Group. This route is slightly over 1500 feet of climbing, 27.5 miles and intermediate pace. 14mph plus. Download it and save it as a course to follow along on the ride. (Difficulty: Moderate) Thursday NIGHT MENCHIE'S Ride - A Group
(Starting Zip: 89148) The new 2013 Thursday Night Menchie's ride for the "A" Group. This route takes you up Villa Ridge. It's normally a very fast pace of 16mph plus. And, it's a tough ride. (Difficulty: Hard)
Pro Cyclery to Calico Basin Tracy Street Climb
(Starting Zip: 89117) If you add the climb up to the very top of Calico Basin Road, this ride would be approximately 25 miles round trip. Starting from the Pro Cyclery bike shop in Vegas. (Difficulty: Moderate)
S. Highlands to Blue/GVR/Sunridge/M Resort
(Starting Zip: 89141) Ride starts at the Rise and Shine breakfast place in the Smith's Shopping center on Southern Highlands Pkwy and Somerset Hills. Cactus to Dean Martin to Blue Diamond to Las Vegas BLVD. Head South and eventually connect to the bike path adjacent to St. Rose PKWY. Make your way to the Henderson Pavilion on Green Valley Pkwy. (Difficulty: Moderate)
2013 Tuesday Night CLIMB Ride: SoHigh to Anthem
(Starting Zip: 89141) This is the NEW 2013 Tuesday Night CLIMB Ride. It's a great workout with some very challenging climbs. NOT FOR BEGINNERS OR THE FAINT OF HEART. (Difficulty: Hard)
Southern Highlands to Lakes + Beginner 101 Ride and Back
(Starting Zip: 89141) Started near intersection of Cactus and Jones. Rode to the Lakes area from Southern Highlands. Joined up with the BLV Beginner 101 crew and did 20 miles with them, then back to Southern Highlands. This route takes you next to the freeway on the old Frontage roads. Be careful near the freeway entrances and exits. Otherwise, fun road to ride on! (Difficulty: Moderate)
Southern Highlands to Red Rock Calico Basin and Back
(Starting Zip: 89141) Start at Southern Highlands Cyclery Shopping Center at Cactus and Southern Highlands Pkwy. Constant pedaling... all uphill on the way to Red Rock, then a small break before Calico Basin. Inside Calico, turn off onto the steep Joylin Street climb. Your legs will be burning by then!! :) Back via Red Rock to the 160 and then turn off onto Lindell to bypass Decatur/Blue Diamond Intersection. Hardly any stopping on this ride. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Southern Highlands Democracy-2-Anthem
(Starting Zip: 89141) If you like to climb and don't like to stop much... this route is for you. From the minute you leave Southern Highlands, you will pedal, pedal, pedal and climb, climb, climb your way around the Democracy Loop, into Anthem via Black Mountain. Returning via Anthem Pkwy to Pecos Ridge to Sunridge Heights to Seven Hills to St. Rose. Be careful on the turn from Anthem Pkwy to Pecos Ridge... also be careful on St. Rose crossing over the entry lanes to the 15 freeway. Back on Southern Highlands Pkwy to the Tropical Smoothie/Smith's Parking Lot. (Difficulty: Hard)
Reverse Red Rock Outer Perimeter + Preakness Loop
(Starting Zip: 89117) This ride starts and finishes at the Starbucks/Subway on Hualapai and Desert Inn. (I forgot to turn on my Garmin until we were about a half mile in.) Ride south to the 160 and ride into Red Rock National Conservation Area in 'reverse' to the the 159 and then back through Red Rock Ranch Country Club to Desert Inn/ Starbucks. That's about 33 miles. Then, cool off with a casual pedal around the Preakness loop. Another 6 miles making it a 39 mile total ride. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Down Syndrome Century Part 2
This is a 59.24 mi Bike Ride in Las Vegas, NV. The Bike Ride has a total ascent of 1,896.33 ft and has a maximum elevation of 3,861.55 ft. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Down Syndrome Century Ride Part 1
This is a 55.53 mi Bike Ride in Las Vegas, NV. The Bike Ride has a total ascent of 1,860.24 ft and has a maximum elevation of 2,952.76 ft. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Marvin's Southern Highlands Ride - Short Option
(Starting Zip: 89141) Ride starts at the Rise and Shine breakfast place in the Smith's Shopping center on Southern Highlands Pkwy and Somerset Hills. Nice ride onto the bike path adjacent St. Rose Pkwy, then past the Henderson Pavilion on Green Valley Pkwy. Especially liked riding Coronado with the fun downhill roller. (Difficulty: Easy)
Raf's Bike Path Ride -Short Option
(Starting Zip: 89044) This ride started at the M Casino and immediately jumped onto the St. Rose Pkwy adjacent bike path. From there, we were able to ride onto other bike paths in Henderson. He planned his route all the way to the RMT using bike paths. This specific GPS file does NOT go all the way to the RMT as I turned around early. The turnaround point was the 7-11 at Boulder Highway and College. (Difficulty: Easy)
Valley of Fire: Indian Casino in Moapa to Overton
(Starting Zip: 89025) Take the I-15 freeway, exit #75 for the Valley of Fire. Park at the Indian Casino TRUCK Parking lot (the large empty lot on the side of the Sinclair Gas Station). Ride through Valley of Fire to Overton. You'll need $3 cash to enter into the Valley of Fire park. This is a MUST-DO Ride if you are ever in Southern Nevada. Only 45 minutes North of Vegas. Terrain is challenging, with almost 4,000 feet of climbing throughout the 64 mile route. NOTE: Do NOT attempt this ride in the heat of the summer months... TOO HOT!! (Difficulty: Hard)
S. Highlands to GVR/Sunridge Heights to Work
(Starting Zip: 89141) A new route to navigate around Southern Highlands, Henderson and Southwest part of Las Vegas area. Traveling up Las Vegas BLVD wasn't as bad as I though it would be. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Equestrian Park to Lake Las Vegas and Back
(Starting Zip: 89052) This was the route for the Wimp or Warrior benefit ride for Joel Gilmore. 20 miles, very scenic, beginner friendly. (Difficulty: Easy)
Anthem East Trail to McCullough Trail and Back
(Starting Zip: 89052) There are climbs that will have you huffing and puffing, and some fun downhills that will have you woo-hooing! There are singletrack trails, and then wide doubletrack trails. There's packed dirt, there's sand, there's gravel (and as you ride more on McCullough trail, the gravel thickens). There are neat dips in the road with flat rock surfaces to roll over. It really is a fun trail to ride on, and the more I go, the more I enjoy it. (Difficulty: Easy)
Park to Park Pedal in Caliente, NV
One of the most unique and beautiful centuries in Nevada. (Difficulty: Hard)
RMT From Railroad Pass Casino
(Starting Zip: 89002) At 34.4 Miles, this is one of the best routes in the Las Vegas area. The trail is completely self-contained, and though you must share it with pedestrians, there are no motor vehicles to contend with. There are several short climbs right as you enter the trail followed by a long straight that slowly descends to the Equestrian trail-head (a perfect warm up). After Equestrian there is a moderate climb followed by another long snaking descent that brings you to the "Three Sisters". These short steep climbs are best tackled out of the saddle and pushing hard. A steep descent will bring you to a gradual climb along side Lake Meade Blvd. Followed by a moderately technical descent that gives way to long, rolling terrain as you make your way to the lowest point near the Lake Mead Marina. Just after mile18, begins a challenging 9 mile climb that crests just below the mountain bike park at Bootleg Canyon, rewarding you with wonderful views of Boulder City, and Lake Mead. After that a well earned, fast descent will bring you back to Railroad Pass and the end of the loop (Difficulty: Moderate)
Southern Highlands to Horizon Ridge to RMT and back
(Starting Zip: 89141) Long distance ride, great for training for upcoming centuries. Lots of climbing too. Enjoy the beautiful streets of Southern Highlands, Henderson and the scenic River Mountains Loop Trail in Lake Mead National Park. You'll burn so many calories, you won't feel guilty eating pizza after. lol! (Difficulty: Hard)
Park to Park Pedal 2011
Ride through four Nevada state parks. This is one of my all time favorite organized rides. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Southern Highlands to Horizon Ridge via St. Rose Pkwy
(Starting Zip: 89141) Fun ride through Southern Highlands onto St. Rose Pkwy where it's semi-flat to downhill for a bit, until you get into Henderson where you work your way past the Henderson Pavilion Amphitheater on Paseo Verde. Turn onto Arroyo Grande and then onto Horizon Ridge and the real fun, LONG climb begins all the way to the top. Back the same way. Btw... I started this at an intersection where there really isn't any 'starting place'. It's just near my house so I started it from there. If you wanted to start at a location with restrooms, there's a Smith's shopping center on Somerset and Southern Highlands Pkwy. You could start there, but it would only be about a 38-40 mile trip from there. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Mountains Edge to Red Rock via 160-159
(Starting Zip: 89124) Nice ride entering into Red Rock from the Southwest side of town via the 160 (Blue Diamond Rd.) This route starts at the Exploration Peak Park on S. Buffalo (south of Blue Diamond Rd.) After heading into Red Rock, you can stop at the General store and rehydrate/refuel, then head further in to Red Rock all the way through to the Dunkin' Donuts. Then, turn around and come back, hit up Calico Basin and then back to the start. (Difficulty: Moderate)
M to Goodsprings with Democracy Loop Post-ride Climb
(Starting Zip: 89044) Fun ride from the M Casino on Las Vegas Blvd & St. Rose Parkway. Expect headwinds into Jean, and take a couple buddies to paceline with you. If you can get a good line going, it makes that ride so much easier and faster. No stops until Jean. Rest at the convenience store before turning on to the road to Goodsprings. When you get to Goodsprings, there is a Saloon you can rest at, before looping back through Goodsprings, to Jean and back to the M Casino to refuel / rehydrate. That section of the route is 48 miles. Then, get your climbing legs on and enjoy the views of the Las Vegas strip while cycling on Volunteer leading into Anthem, where you start your climb to the top of Democracy. Loop back around and take Inspirado and get another great view of the strip heading back to Volunteer and ultimately the M Casino. GREAT RIDE! Your legs will be screaming!! :) (Difficulty: Moderate)
S.Highlands to Charleston/215 & Rtn
(Starting Zip: 89141) 55 miler from Southern Highlands heading West on Blue Diamond Road to State Route 159 to Charleston/215 intersection and return. A good mid-range course in preparing yourself for a century ride. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Frontage Rd to Gun Range
(Starting Zip: 89131) This is a moderate ride with a nice climb up to the Clark County Gun Range. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Mt. Potosi Fire Road MTB Ride
Moderate MTB ride on fire road. Decent climbing and some great descent. Starts at the bar atop the road to Pahrump. (Difficulty: Moderate)
S. High to GVR to Sunridge Hts. to Home
(Starting Zip: 89141) 25 miler starting in Southern Highlands to Green Valley Ranch Station to Sunridge Heights neighborhood back to Southern Highlands. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Southern Highlands-7 Hills- Anthem Loop from my hood
(Starting Zip: 89141) Fun 30 miler starting near Jones & Levi in Southern Highlands. Lots of rolling hills... beautiful streets! (Difficulty: Moderate)
Clark County Shooting Range
(Starting Zip: 89131) This is a 15.49 mi Bike Ride in Las Vegas, NV. The Bike Ride has a total ascent of 393.7 ft and has a maximum elevation of 2,690.29 ft. This is a great ride to work on hill climbs. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Racel - Frontage Rd - Jones
(Starting Zip: 89131) This is a 17 mile ride. Fairly easy. This is a 17.55 mi Bike Ride in Las Vegas, NV. The Bike Ride has a total ascent of 200.13 ft and has a maximum elevation of 2,483.6 ft. (Difficulty: Easy)
Summerlin-SunCity Sunday Sunset Magazine Route
(Starting Zip: 89135) Here's the route we took today for the Sunset Magazine article. In case anyone wants to download it. We climbed Villa Ridge, Far Hill and Alta before descending into the Red Rock Ranch, and Mesa Park areas. Great ride! (Difficulty: Moderate)
Summerlin-Sun City starting from Starbucks on Village Center Circle
(Starting Zip: 89134) Starting from Village Center Shopping Center we go into Sun City to head up Villa Ridge. Then we work our way through Summerlin all the way down to Mesa Park. From there we work our way back up through Red Rock Ranch, Sahara, Desert Foothills to Alta. From the top of Alta we head back down towards our starting point at Starbucks. (Difficulty: Moderate) Thursday Night Menchie's FroYo Ride
(Starting Zip: 89148) Fun ride with a little over 1,300 feet of climbing throughout 28 miles. Well rewarded at the end with Menchie's Frozen Yogurt. (Difficulty: Moderate)
RMT -River Mountains Loop Trail- from Railroad Pass Casino Trailhead
(Starting Zip: 89002) This is a popular starting point for the RMT ride. Starts at the Railroad Pass Casino at 2800 South Boulder Highway, Henderson, NV. The loop is a PAVED, non-motorized trail for bicyclists, walkers/runners. It's 35 miles and very challenging. You'll climb over 2,500 feet of elevation and lots of short steep hills! Highly recommended route --one of the most popular in town. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Richard & Dave's Big Adventure
Calico basin red rock (Difficulty: Moderate)
Joe Friday's Strava Ride
(Starting Zip: 89147) This is the GPX for the Friday night Strava ride. No elevation data though, as it was hand plotted on Garmin Connect (Difficulty: Hard)
Aspen Creek FUN Ride 30 miler
(Starting Zip: 89012) Fun ride with Bike from Aspen Creek Cycling. 30 miler with a couple moderate climbs, but nothing too difficult. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Lee Canyon Mt. Charleston
(Starting Zip: 89124) This is a road bike mountain climb. 5300 feet of climbing in 17.5 miles one way. Then, a screaming fast 17.5 mile descent! Park at the parking lot just on the right, when exiting the Lee Canyon exit off the 95 North. (Difficulty: Hard)
M to Jean + Democracy Loop
(Starting Zip: 89044) This is a FUN Ride!!! Great route with some uphill climbs, and some fast descents. M to Jean and back is the first part of the ride. 30 miles. Then, add the Democracy Loop in for another 16 miles. 46 miles round trip that will challenge you and make you stronger. Fun to paceline to Jean too! (Difficulty: Moderate)
Tour de Fire 74 Mile Route
This is a very challenging ride! 74 miles, 5,200 feet of climbing. Rolling hills and long inclines makes for great varying terrain. Start at Boulder Beach inside Lake Mead and head onto Lakeshore, then Northshore. The 74 miler turns around at the Redstone picnic area. Not for beginners, but certainly something to train for. Great event. (Difficulty: Hard)
CBT to M to Southern Highlands Democracy Loop via BikePath- Old Frontage
(Starting Zip: 89135) 54 miles total (I forgot to start my Garmin again on the way back from the M). Fun new route. A few of us went exploring and we came up with a great find! Bike Path on Town Center Summerlin to Old Frontage Road to Decatur to M Casino to Southern Highlands Democracy Loop and back. FUN RIDE! Started at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Summerlin. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Tour de Cure 2012
(Starting Zip: 89015) This is an ULTRA challenging ride with rolling hills and steep climbs. Not recommended for a beginner, but for those of you who love a route with a lot of climbing, great scenery and without stop signs and stop lights, this is for you!! Ride started at the Henderson Pavilion in downtown Henderson. Once you get into Lake Mead National Park, there are no stops!! Only you, your bike, your riding buddies and a lot of heavy breathing up the climbs. (Difficulty: Hard)
BLV Golden Spoon Social-Recovery Night Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is our route for the Thursday Night Golden Spoon Social/Recovery Ride. Some climbing, but what goes up...must come down. We also added one of our favorite roads: Hidden House Hill (or as the mountain bikers know it as Bear's Best). (Difficulty: Moderate)
MOUNTAIN BIKE: Mustang to Duckie Tree Loop
Starting at the 160 Late Night trailhead, you'll start to ascend some small, rocky terrain, on the Mustang trail. Take the 2nd right turn, staying on the Mustang trail where you will have some rollers and a couple 'stepping' rocks. Go through the cactus/yucca tree 'gate' and be prepared for a smaller technical hill that if you go to the right, you can go smoothly through it. To the left, is a little bit of a drop-off, but the more experienced riders love to fly over that part. Next, it's all fun, twisting downhill until you get to the fire road. Now, instead of taking the first right turn back onto the mustang trail, you'll take the second right, which is an extension of the mustang loop, but that heads toward the Landmine loop. You'll cross over 2 fire road sections...twisting and winding on a tightly turning trail until you get to a fork in the road. Take the 90 degree right turn (don't go to the left) and experience some fun technical downhill with stepping stones on the way up. Work your way over to the duckie tree and then head back crossing the fire road and back onto Mustang loop for the finish into the 160 late night trailhead parking lot. Very fun route. (Difficulty: Moderate)
MOUNTAIN BIKE: Blue Diamond Bike Outpost -Cottonwood Ride 1
(Starting Zip: 89004) Parked at the Bike Outpost and rode to the Blue Diamond Trailhead (west) - then proceeded up the very large hill at the beginning, working my way deeper into Cottonwood via Landmine Loop and Mustang Loop. Regrouping at the fire road and heading into the red sand to the Kiosk. Headed back to Blue Diamond via Landmine Loop exiting the East BD trailhead and back to Bike Outpost. More technical than I usually ride, but was a fun route! (Difficulty: Moderate)
(Starting Zip: 89117) Here's the route we will be taking for the next few months. It's an older route that goes from the Lakes to the Preakness Loop. Behind Red Rock and looping in Summerlin, coming back down into Red Rock Ranch and then to our favorite hill sprint: Hidden House Hill. After Hidden House, we ride down Mesa Park and across Russell to do the Patrick Loop and back Hualapai to Twain to Grand Canyon and back into the Lakes. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Jorge Scouts Bootleg Canyon
This is a file I received from Jorge. He was scouting out the Bootleg Canyon ParNone and POW trails. (Difficulty: Moderate)
River Mountain Trail (clockwise, from Equestrian Dr)
The River Mountain Trail (A.K.A. RMT), clockwise from the Equestrian Drive Trail head. At 34.4 Miles, this is one of the best routes in the Las Vegas area. The trail is completely self-contained, and though you must share it with pedestrians, there are no motor vehicles to contend with. There are several short, steep climbs early in the route, and a moderately technical descent that gives way to long, rolling terrain as you make your way to the lowest point near the Lake Mead Marina. Just after mile18, begins a challenging 9 mile climb that crests just below the mountain bike park at Bootleg Canyon, rewarding you with wonderful views of Boulder City, and Lake Mead. (Difficulty: Moderate) Thursday Night MADHOUSE CAFE Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) This route starts at the Madhouse Cafe inside the Vons Shopping Center on Durango and Desert Inn. It's a great route with some nice climbs, but nothing very steep or difficult. Just a good route for a shorter winter training ride at night. (Difficulty: Moderate)
MOUNTAIN BIKE: Cottonwood Late Night Trail
Start at the Late Night Trailhead (off 160) and ride to the left of the bathrooms. Follow that past the Mustang Loop turnoff. Some sections of this trail are more Intermediate level terrain with larger boulder/rocks and wash crossings. (Difficulty: Moderate)
MOUNTAIN BIKE: Bootleg Canyon - POW, Par None, Mother & RMT
(Starting Zip: 89005) This is a level 3-4 mountain bike trail at Bootleg Canyon. It's single track, and it's pretty technical and can be difficult, especially on the Mother trail. Many parts of this trail I had to walk because I'm a newbie. It's definitely a trail I will need to conquer after I master my skills. (Difficulty: Hard)
MOUNTAIN BIKE: Historic Railroad Tunnels to Hoover Dam
(Starting Zip: 89005) This ride starts and ends at the bottom parking lot of the Alan Bible Visitors Center at Lake Mead National Park. It's a short ride, very easy trail ride. Not like a single track with sharp rocks and cliffs, but a wider dirt road. Great beginner friendly mountain bike dirt trail. Thanks Jorge for sending me the GPX. (Difficulty: Easy)
Crit Loop to Paiute NW Sun City Route
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is the route we did on New Year's Day 2012. Just under 60 miles with 2,800 feet of climbing. Great ride, very challenging, but fun at the same time. We descend Villa Ridge. (that's a first!) (Difficulty: Moderate)
Ian's New Year's Eve Goth Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) Great route that's fast and fun. Some narrow streets, but if you stay in the shoulder, you're fine. Great ride! Started at the Starbucks on Desert Inn and Hualapai. (Difficulty: Easy)
Cottonwood Mountain Biking Beginner Trail
This route is for mountain biking on dirt and rock. This is a beginner friendly trail that starts from the Late Night Trail head off the 160 / Blue Diamond Hwy, just before you go over the hump to Pahrump. When facing the bathrooms, you enter the trails to the left. (Difficulty: Easy)
BLV Tuesday Night Winter Ride - Short Option 20 Miler
(Starting Zip: 89135) This really is just a fitness level, social night ride for the winter. We start at the Albertson's Shopping Center between Hualapai and Town Center. (Difficulty: Easy)
Valley of Fire: Indian Casino to White Domes
(Starting Zip: 89025) This route is challenging, but very beautiful. You'll start off at the Moapa Indian Casino, Exit 75 off the 15 North. From there, you bike into the entrance road to the Valley of Fire State Park. Once you get to the top of the first climb into the park (about mile 13), you'll enter through the ranger station (bring money for an entry fee) and descend all the way to the Visitor's Center. Turn into the Visitor's Center and re-fill your water bottles on the side of the Visitor's Center if you need it. Then, make your way up a steep little climb to Mouse's Tank and onward to the rolling hills of White Domes. You can rest at the scenic picnic area, catch your breath and head back the same way you came. Climbing out of the Valley of Fire, past the ranger station exit. There's one hill that looks like a tough one climbing out, but it's actually not that bad because there's a slight downhill to give you some momentum to climb out. Once you get to the top of that hill, it's downhill and flats all the way back to the Indian Casino. Great for pacelining. Have fun! (Difficulty: Hard)
BikeMS Vegas Challenge 2011 Day 2 - 65 miler
(Starting Zip: 89106) Starting from the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, heading down Boulder Highway, working our way to the River Mountains Trail Loop where we rode counter clockwise for part of the route. Then, we headed onto Lakeshore and Northshore and back on Lake Mead via North Las Vegas. TOUGH climb coming out at that point... we were exhausted. Thrilled to go downhill once we finally got to the top. Worked our way back into downtown and back to the finish. (Difficulty: Hard)
BikeMS Vegas Challenge 2011 Day 1 Century
(Starting Zip: 89106) Starting from the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, heading Southwest and then into Summerlin and Red Rock. The real challenge begins with the scenic loop since you're already tired from the 30 miles of climbing you did to get up to that point. After the scenic loop, we head thru Sun City to the Northwest, relatively flat course from here on. Routing through the North East to the Motor Speedway and then back into Downtown to our finish line at Lou Ruvo. (Difficulty: Hard)
BikingLasVegas Beginner 101 Instructional Ride 10 miler
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is the route I use for the Beginner 101 Instructional ride. If you are new to bicycling, this route takes you through a 10 mile circuit that is not heavily traveled by cars (yet) and on streets with nice wide shoulders and bike lanes. (Difficulty: Easy)
BLV Tuesday Night Ride - Short Option up Thomas Ryan and Summerlin
(Starting Zip: 89147) Last Tuesday Night, a small group of us broke off the regular Villa Ridge night ride to taper for our upcoming BikeMS. We did an impromptu route, but really liked it. I will offer this as a shorter option for next year's night ride season. It's only 900 feet or so of climbing, but it's still challenging enough to get in a nice workout. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Lakes CVS to Top of Alta to RR Scenic Loop and Back
(Starting Zip: 89117) Starting from the CVS at Fort Apache and Desert Inn, you'll ride into the scenic Lakes area and work your way to Hualapai and Alta, where you will climb all the way to the top of Alta. Descend Desert Foothills and then turn right onto W. Charleston/159 where you will head into the Red Rock National Conservation Area and into the Visitors Center to ride the scenic loop. Very challenging climbs and technical descents inside the scenic loop. Not suitable for beginners. (Difficulty: Hard)
Summerlin to M Casino-via Decatur/Southern Highlands
(Starting Zip: 89135) Nice, semi-flat 40 mile ride from the Coffee, Tea and Bean on Town Center and Twain, to the M Casino. This is my favorite route for this ride. Not a difficult ride, only 1,000 feet of climbing and it's mostly flat. (Difficulty: Easy)
Aspen Creek Cycling Mike's Back + BLV Pre-Ride Miles
(Starting Zip: 89012) Fun ride on the Southeast part of town. We celebrated Mike's return to his bike after his accident, with a ride and then back to his shop for sandwiches and cake. Good time. Loved the route... nice climb up Horizon Ridge, then into the Paradise Hills area. Streets were pretty light on traffic which was great too. Would definitely do this ride again. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Saturday FUN Ride through Mission Hills
(Starting Zip: 89012) Just a 20 mile ride from Aspen Creek Cycling into Mission Hills and back. (Difficulty: Moderate)
BLV Thursday Night Ride Tweaked Once Again
(Starting Zip: 89117) 1,000 feet of climbing, but also some fun downhill action too! After the ride, we eat Golden Spoon frozen yogurt as a recovery meal. lol. (Difficulty: Moderate)
BadBoyG's Around LV Metric Century
(Starting Zip: 89117) Nice challenging ride around town. This is a good route to take if you're looking for a good training route. There is a little over 2000 ft of climbing. You'll see the many different faces of Vegas on this route. I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner or for solo riding, but it's great for a small group of friends. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Lakes Crit Loop to Pauite via Sun City - Westside Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is a great route that climbs 2,600+ feet of elevation over 57 miles. Lots of fun roads and hills, both up and down. DESCENDS VILLA RIDGE! That's a first! lol. This route keeps you on the West side of the 95 except for the cross over on the new Horse overpass. Thanks Richard for showing us this new road that opened up. Great ride! (Difficulty: Moderate)
Bikerdude's Goldfinger Breakfast Ride
(Starting Zip: 89131) THE flattest route in town! Have a fun time bicycling around Las Vegas on this super flat ride, with little to no traffic. This is a great ride for beginners and anyone who is looking for a nice recovery ride / pace. After the ride, we go to Goldfingers and order their graveyard special breakfast for only 4.99. (Difficulty: Easy)
Dunkin Donuts to Blue Diamond with Scenic Loop
(Starting Zip: 89135) Very challenging and fun route starting from the Dunkin Donuts on Desert Foothills and W. Charleston into the Red Rock National Conservation Area. Great route that locals love to ride. (Difficulty: Hard)
Bikerdude's Sunday Casual Northwest Flat Ride
(Starting Zip: 89131) You really can't get much flatter than this in Vegas. Thanks to Bikerdude for hosting a new Sunday Social...coming soon! Ride starts at the McDonalds located inside the Shadow Mountain Marketplace, 6595 N. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89131. (Difficulty: Easy)
Retro Thursday Night Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is the old ride that has been refined and is ready to roll every other Thursday night. There's 1,200 feet of climbing, but mostly gradual, not steep. We've added our hill sprint up Hidden House Hill to the route, which is a favorite hidden climb in Summerlin. We end the ride with a descent down Tropicana to Hualapai, where we race back for Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Great Harvest Breads to 159-160 and Back Cake Ride
(Starting Zip: 89147) Starting at the Great Harvest Breads on Tropicana and Hualapai, we head up the scenic route through Red Rock Ranch Country Club to Desert Foothills and into Red Rock where we ride all the way to the 160 turnaround and rest in Blue Diamond. Then, we head back thru Red Rock and Red Rock Ranch to Great Harvest Breads. Great, scenic route with a good amount of climbing and descending. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Coffee, Tea and Bean to M Resort and Back
(Starting Zip: 89135) Started at the Coffee, Tea and Bean on Town Center and Twain. Instead of going into the M Resort, we just turned on St. Rose Pkwy and headed back up Southern Highlands. Rest stop at a park shortly after that where you can refill your water bottles. Great route, fast and fun! (Difficulty: Easy)
Loop Around Vegas
(Starting Zip: 89148) Start End at FT Apache WM and around (Difficulty: Moderate)
FT Apache &Warm Springs Red rock and back
(Starting Zip: 89148) Ride out and around Red Rock loop from FT apche & warm springs (Difficulty: Moderate)
Reverse Red Rock Outer Perimeter-Dunkin Start
(Starting Zip: 89135) Reverse Red Rock Outer Perimeter Ride starting from the Dunkin Donuts inside the Albertson's Shopping Center on W. Charleston and Desert Foothills. Great route! NOT for beginners though as the ride down Fort Apache can have some very narrow traffic lanes. Also, the 160 has rumble strips all the way to the 159 turnoff. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Crit Loop to NW Alternate- Short, Wind Option
(Starting Zip: 89117) Great ride for windy days because you're riding in the neighborhood streets which mostly shelter you from the wind. (Difficulty: Easy)
Tour de Cure Training Route Ride
This was a ride we did in preparation for the Tour de Cure ride that benefits the American Diabetes Association. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Sunday Century Ride with my Friends
Just wanted to ride 100 miles one day. Ran into a couple friends as I started and just kept riding. (Difficulty: Moderate)
RTC Viva Bike Vegas 2010 Ride
This was the historic Hoover Dam Bridge Opening Century Ride. Great support from the RTC. NOTE: May take a few minutes to load...please be patient. (Difficulty: Hard)
Red Rock Reverse Outer Perimeter
Different entrance way into Red Rock from the Outer Perimeter/160. Fun route! We start at the Starbucks on Hualapai, just South of Desert Inn. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Red Rock to Potosi and Back
Nice ride that takes you through the Red Rock NCA to the top of Potosi and back. Challenging climb up Potosi! Starting at the Dunkin Donuts on W. Charleston and Desert Foothills (Difficulty: Hard)
Fun Ride with Bikerdude inside Nellis AFB
This is not a public course. You have to have authorization to enter the Air Force Base to ride. Thanks Bikerdude!! (Difficulty: Easy)
M Casino to Jean and Back
Fun ride that has you climbing and pacelining on the way to Jean, and then flying back downhill to the M Casino. Popular locals ride. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Lakeshore-Northshore-Callville Bay
Great ride into Callville Bay inside Lake Mead National Park. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Green Valley-Henderson Spin Ride
Nice ride around Green Valley & Henderson area (Difficulty: Moderate)
Desert Shores to Alliante Casino Resort
Start at scenic Desert Shores and work your way to Alliante Casino in the Northwest area of town. (Difficulty: Easy)
Deer Creek Challenge Ride
(Starting Zip: 89124) Starting at the Mt. Charleston Lodge on Kyle Canyon, head onto Deer Creek where you will be challenged in the higher elevations/altitude with rolling hills until you get to Lee canyon where you will then climb all the way to to top to the Ski Lodge. Screaming fast downhills, take your breath away scenery AND UPHILL Climbs, only 25 mile round trip, but sure to challenge the best of any cyclist! (Difficulty: Hard)
The Lakes to Sun City-Summerlin
(Starting Zip: 89117) Nice ride starting from the scenic Lakes area in town, heading into Sun City and Summerlin (Difficulty: Moderate)
The Lakes to Indian Smoke Shop in Pauite and Back
(Starting Zip: 89117) Nice ride that heads into the Northwest Las Vegas area, then onto the 95 North Freeway where you exit Snow Mountain for the Indian Smoke Shop rest stop. (Bathrooms and convenience store there.) (Difficulty: Moderate)
Buffalo Wild Wings 40 Mile Cake Ride
Cake ride 40 mile option taking riders in to Sun City and Summerlin, then Red Rock and back. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Blue Diamond to Potosi
Blue Diamond Bike Outpost to top of Potosi and back. Just 25 miles. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Great Harvest to Red Rock Calico Basin and Back
(Starting Zip: 89147) Scenic route leaving from Great Harvest Breads on Tropicana and Hualapai. Head up to Red Rock NCA via Red Rock Ranch/Desert Foothills, then turn off at Calico Basin where you can rest at the picnic area. Head back on a screaming downhill for the rest of the ride. (Difficulty: Moderate)
River Mountains Loop Trail
(Starting Zip: 89005) FUN Route! Recommended for any cyclist!! Starting at the Walgreens at Boulder Highway and Racetrack, entering the path at the Equestrian Trailhead. VERY CHALLENGING LOOP! Perfect for anyone who does not like riding on the roads, but still loves a good challenge. This is a non-motorized path for cyclists, runners, pedestrians. (Difficulty: Moderate)
2011 Tour de Fire 60 Mile Route
(Starting Zip: 89005) Starts at Boulder Beach, inside Lake Mead. Ride Lakeshore and Northshore Drive up the top of RedStone. LOTS of climbs, but a fun route! Well supported event, beautiful scenery. (Difficulty: Hard) Thursday Night Golden Spoon Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) We start at the Golden Spoon on Hualapai, just South of Desert Inn. We ride a social 25 mile ride, then head back to Golden Spoon for a yummy frozen yogurt treat! (Difficulty: Moderate)
2011 Defending Freedom Ride
(Starting Zip: 89135) Route started and ended at the Town Center & W. Charleston Starbucks parking lot. Headed into Red Rock to the Visitors Center where we layed flags down in memory of the fallen soldiers who have died defending our freedom. Then, we headed out to Blue Diamond and back. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Team ESC Friday Training ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) Las Vegas Cyclery Team ESC from Sambellette Coffee (Difficulty: Moderate)
Subaru to Paiute Saturday FUN Ride
(Starting Zip: 89146) Subaru to Paiute Saturday FUN Ride. Starts at Subaru located on the corner of Sahara and Lindell: 5385 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89146. We head North on a relatively flat route up Jones until we get to Grand Teton. There's a little bit of climbing from this point as we make our way to Pauite via Rainbow's Golf Country Development and then Log Cabin's Equestrian Zone. Once we get onto the 95, it's smooth sailing to Pauite's Smoke Shop, where we will rest for a minute before making our way back to Subaru. (Difficulty: Moderate)
RTC Viva Bike Vegas 2010 Century Ride
(Starting Zip: 89106) Thanks to Gitane for sending me her GPX Garmin never recorded the ride, although it was on the entire time. :( Great course, very well organized ride. Riding over the New Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge was a once in a lifetime experience! (Difficulty: Hard)
BLV Day Ride
(Starting Zip: 89135) A ride I did for BLV Day today. Just a quick 20 miler. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Cracked Egg Sunday Social
(Starting Zip: 89129) Nice Sunday Social Ride starting from The Cracked Egg on Cheyenne, heading NW and then into Sun City & Summerlin. (Difficulty: Moderate)
BLV Tuesday Night Villa Ridge Climb Ride - Tweaked
(Starting Zip: 89117) A couple of minor changes in the route this week. Great ride. Good climbing ride. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Whole Foods to Jean
(Starting Zip: 89119) Great ride starting from the Whole Foods on Las Vegas Blvd in Town Square to Jean and back. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Pedal to the Medal 50 Miler
(Starting Zip: 89135) Great ride thru Red Rock and to the top of Potosi. Benefitting the Special Olympics of Nevada (Difficulty: Hard)
The Lakes to Red Rock Scenic Loop and Back
(Starting Zip: 89117) Starting from the CVS parking lot on Fort Apache and Desert Inn. (Difficulty: Hard)
GVC 4 to 1 Ride
(Starting Zip: 89074) Green Valley Cyclists 4 to 1 Ride around Green Valley/Anthem/Seven Hills (Difficulty: Moderate)
Jimmers GV Post Ride
(Starting Zip: 89074) This was a casual ride we did around GV to log more miles after riding with the GVC. (Difficulty: Moderate)
The NEW BLV Thursday Night Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) Starting from Golden Spoon, of course. That's our favorite post-ride treat. :) (Difficulty: Moderate)
BLV Tuesday Night Villa Ridge Climb Ride
(Starting Zip: 89147) The new and improved Tuesday Night Ride. What a thrill!! It's painful, it's dark and it's FUN!!!!!!! (Difficulty: Hard)
NW Alternate Sunday Social
(Starting Zip: 89117) Starting at the crit loop park 3300 Lake South, Las Vegas, NV 89117, we ride into the NW on a relatively flat route. It's a fun and fast route. (Difficulty: Easy)
River Mountains Loop Trail x2
(Starting Zip: 89015) The RMT is a great training loop. It's about 35 miles per loop and on this particular Garmin file, I did the loop twice that day. However, you get an idea of the elevations, distance, etc... from this route. You can park at the Fresh & Easy Market at 1400 South Boulder Highway, Henderson, NV 89015 and then enter onto the trail at the end of Equestrian. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Lakeshore-Northshore to Callville Bay
(Starting Zip: 89005) Ride through beautiful Lake Mead National Park. Starting address is the Alan Bible Visitor Center located on Lakeshore Road. What to expect... On Lakeshore, there is a wider shoulder and rolling hills. Nice view of the Lake, light to medium automobile traffic. On Northshore, the shoulder narrows, there is a bit more debris and there are rumble strips. Also, you will encounter wide load trucks/trailers hauling boats on this road so it can be a bit scary. Road to Callville Bay is mostly downhill. This is great when you're heading there, but on the way back...well, you get the picture! ;) Make sure you stop to rehydrate at the convenience store at the bottom of Callville Bay as that is one of the only places to rehydrate when you're riding inside Lake Mead National Park. Ride Difficulty... Not for beginners. Very challenging terrain. Advanced Level Ride. (Difficulty: Hard)
Starbucks Hualapai to Top of Potosi Returning via Red Rock 159
(Starting Zip: 89117) Tough ride if you're not a climber. Headwinds can make this even tougher. If you can get a good paceline on the 160 it makes it easier (for a little while). ;) (Difficulty: Moderate)
Green Valley Henderson Spin
(Starting Zip: 89074) Thanks to Pablocruiser for this route. Great spin through Green Valley and Henderson. Nice climbs. Especially loved the Anthem and Executive Airport areas. (Difficulty: Moderate)
M Casino to Goodsprings
(Starting Zip: 89044) This is a really neat ride that starts from the M Casino and climbs to Jean where we make a quick pit stop at the gas station convenience store to refill our water bottles. Then, we're off to the old west town of Goodsprings. There's a water spigot at the Pioneer Saloon which we use as our halfway rest stop. Then, back to Jean and M Casino. NOTE: There always seems to be a headwind when we do this ride. lol. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Desert Shores to Aliante Starbucks and Back
(Starting Zip: 89128) This is a fun Sunday morning or casual Saturday ride. Thanks to Lee for leading us on this one. (Difficulty: Easy)
Tour of Utah Ultimate Challenge 2010
Century ride from Park City, Utah to Snowbird Ski Resort. Beautiful scenery and roads, crazy climbs and fast descents. (Difficulty: Hard)
Tour of the California Alps Death Ride
Tour of the California Alps Death Ride, 2010. 125 miles, 15,000 feet of climbing. (Difficulty: Hard)
Tour de Fire 2010
Tour de Fire 2010 century (Difficulty: Hard)
Tour de Summerlin 2010 80 miles
(Starting Zip: 89144) Tour de Summerlin 2010 80 mile ride (Difficulty: Moderate)
Deer Creek to Lee Canyon Ski Resort
(Starting Zip: 89124) Starts at the Mount Charleston Resort and takes you over Deer Creek to Lee Canyon. Great climb! Short 25 mile route, but very challenging. Also, higher altitudes since you're up in the mountains. (Difficulty: Hard)
Crit Loop to Sun City - Summerlin
(Starting Zip: 89117) A nice ride into Sun City & Summerlin with some nice climbs. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Crit Loop to Pauite and Back
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is one of my favorite rides. It's a great endurance route that takes you onto the 95 freeway. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Buffalo Wild Wings 40 Mile Cake Ride with Villa Ridge Climb
(Starting Zip: 89147) Starting at Buffalo Wild Wings, this is the favorite route for the 40 mile cake riders. Ride into Sun City to climb Villa Ridge, then through Summerlin and back to Buffalo Wild Wings for cake and coffee. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Blue Diamond to Potosi and Back
(Starting Zip: 89004) This is only a 25 mile ride, but it's perfect to practice climbing and to get a challenging workout in if you're limited on time. Start at the Blue Diamond Bike Outpost. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Bike MS 2009 - Day 1
(Starting Zip: 89119) A beautiful ride through the Valley of Fire, Overton and on to Mesquite. This ride supports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Starts at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where we do a lap around the speedway before heading out. (Difficulty: Hard)
Crit Loop thru Summerlin Night Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is a fun ride at night. We start at the crit loop inside The Lakes. Then, we head over to the Preakness loop, up into Summerlin behind Red Rock and across Charleston where we climb to the very top of Far Hills (Patchin Hill). Then, we descend and ride over to the top of Alta and it's all downhill from there for a long time. Thru Red Rock Ranch Country Club area, down Mesa Park to Hualapai South. We head back up Grand Canyon from Patrick all the way to Peace Way, then back North on Hualapai and East on Twain...making our way back to The Lakes. Fun route to try! (Difficulty: Moderate)
Sunday Social Ride Around Summerlin, South & Central Las Vegas
(Starting Zip: 89117) I did this ride with Lynetta, Ian and Gina. We were scouting for some new routes for our rides. It was fun just to ride around and relax...not push the pace. There are some good streets to ride on and I will expand on this route at some point in the future. The starting location is just the address I turned my Garmin on...I forgot to do that at the start of the ride. There's no real starting location store or anything like that. Just the street I was riding on. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Prescott, AZ Skull Valley Loop
(Starting Zip: 86303) This is a ride that we did to beat the summer heat with Tana. Very challenging ride! But very fun!! Highly recommend it if you love to climb mountains! :) Stay at the Motor Lodge too...great place to start/end this ride. (Difficulty: Hard) Thursday Night Ride
(Starting Zip: 89117) This ride is just under 30 miles. We start from the Starbucks / Golden Spoon parking lot at Hualapai & Desert Inn at 7:30pm. We ride as a group around the beautiful community of Summerlin at about 14-15mph average (sometimes faster depending on the group). The goal is to get back to Golden Spoon before 10pm (the time they close) for yummy frozen yogurt as a recovery snack. (Difficulty: Moderate)

Newest Garmin GPX Route: Tues. Night Social Climber Alternate
(Submitted by Quercus)

Alternate route with approx. 400 feet less climbing.

Difficulty: Moderate

Download the GPX File

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