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Pics & Videos Tagged as "Video"

  • Doped Bike? (YouTube Video)

    Doped bike? VegasHillBilly sent this to me this morning...what do you think?

    (Posted on June 04, 2010) 0 Comments.

  • Pearl Izumi Project Uranus (YouTube Video)

    Pearl iZumi Project Uranus video

    (Posted on April 06, 2010) 1 Comment.

  • Las Vegas TNW (Vimeo Video)


    (Posted on March 25, 2010) 0 Comments.

  • Treadmill Bike Video (YouTube Video)

    Thanks to member Danamerica for finding this doozy. ;)

    (Posted on March 06, 2010) 0 Comments.

  • (Vimeo Video)

    check out this new online tv website: Pedaling: NYC, A Spirited Food and Wine Cycling Adventure Series. pretty fun

    (Posted on January 12, 2010) 3 Comments.

  • James Mclean Presents: The Gooseberry Mesa (Vimeo Video)

    Video footages are taken by our very good friend Jim Mclean. thank you so much Jim for trusting me to work on these project! I had a fun time! :) Thank you!

    (Posted on January 10, 2010) 1 Comment.

  • Descente Bike - YouTube Video (YouTube Video)

    Amazing mountain biking!! Thanks to Brenda for sharing this with me.

    (Posted on December 13, 2009) 0 Comments.

  • NHTSA Bicycle Safety Tips For Adults Video (YouTube Video)

    A video produced by the League of American Bicyclists that outlines basic bicycle safety. Well worth the 7 and a half minutes.

    (Posted on November 18, 2009) 0 Comments.

  • Saturday Challenge Ride Pauite Edition August 29,2009 (Vimeo Video)

    Saturday Challenge Ride August 29, 2009

    (Posted on August 31, 2009) 4 Comments.

  • Synchronized Bicyling (YouTube Video)

    Our member, Flyboy, found this one and posted it into the forum section..I thought it deserved to be included in our pics/vids section. INCREDIBLE..A MUST WATCH!

    (Posted on August 23, 2009) 0 Comments.

  • Ride! (Vimeo Video)

    A Little treat for everyone!

    (Posted on August 20, 2009) 8 Comments.

  • Monthy Python Bicycle Repairman (YouTube Video)

    Just a little Monty Python cycling humor.

    (Posted on August 19, 2009) 0 Comments.

  • Saturday Challenge ride Jean Edition Video August 8, 2009 (Vimeo Video)

    Saturday Challenge Ride with Firewater

    (Posted on August 08, 2009) 3 Comments.

  • Mt Charlie Hill Climb (Vimeo Video)

    Mt Charlie Hill Climb June 20, 2009

    (Posted on June 21, 2009) 3 Comments.

  • Conference Bike sent to me by Richard (YouTube Video)

    Richard (a.k.a. blandaitem) would like a bike like this and 6 beautiful women to accompany him....any takers?! lol!

    (Posted on June 13, 2009) 1 Comment.

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