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VISITORS ROUTE: Mandalay Bay / Luxor to Red Rock 159-160
(Submitted by lisa)

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NOTE: THIS IS A ONE WAY ROUTE TOTAL DISTANCE FOR THIS RIDE WILL BE AROUND 100 MILES. This is a popular route that local cyclists ride weekly. This map is for those guests who will be staying at the Mandalay Bay or Luxor Hotels. NOTES ABOUT THIS ROUTE: I've routed ALL the options in this ride in one convenient route map. You'll start off at the hotel and will travel west on Hacienda all the way to the end, turn right on Durango (be careful on this will only be on it for a small amount of time). Then, I will take you the back way (safer route) to Red Rock via the Red Rock Country Club area. Once you reach 159/W. Charleston, turn left -takes you into Red Rock. The first right turn off the 159 takes you to Calico Basin where you will find a nice picnic area and hiking trails. There are also bathrooms if you need it. Then, get back onto the 159 and turn right and head to the Red Rock Scenic Loop. THIS IS A 13 MILE LOOP INSIDE THE VISITORS CENTER AREA. IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT...this is just a warning! lol... if you don't want to do the loop, just bypass it until you reach the next rest stop...the Scenic Overlook parking lot. This is a great place to stop if you need it because there are shaded picnic tables, a bathroom and then of course you get to take pics while you're there of the beautiful scenery. Exit out of the scenic overlook by turning right and proceed on the 159 until you get to the town of Blue Diamond. This is a sleepy little town that has two things every cyclist needs: a bike shop for any repair/mechanical needs (Bike Outpost) and a General Store that offers free ice for your water bottles, snacks to refuel and a restroom. Lots of cyclists hang out there and use this as a 15-30 minute rest stop. Once you leave Blue Diamond, turn right again onto the 159 and head the whole way to the end of the road. Turn right onto the 160 / Blue Diamond Hwy and ride on that strip of road until you get to the first right turn. Avery. This will loop you back to the 159 where you will then take a left into the town of Blue Diamond to rest up at the General store and hit the bathroom and refuel before heading back the way you came. Reverse the directions for the way back from this point to get back to Mandalay Bay or Luxor Hotels.

Difficulty: Moderate   |   Starting ZIP Code: 89119   |   Total Distance:   |   Total Elevation Gain:

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