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Wetlands Park Trail, Flamingo Arroyo Trail, and Las Vegas Wash Trail
Wetlands Park Trail is moderate, but the other 2 trails are easy. (Difficulty: Easy)
Mark's Sketchy Ride - Las Vegas Wash Trail
(Starting Zip: 89130) This is a ride that starts from McTodd's McDonald's on Lone Mountain and Decatur. Takes you down the Las Vegas Wash Trail to the Flamingo Arroyo Trail and on the East side of town. It's best not to do this alone since the bike paths are isolated and there are some busy streets on this route that I would only ride on a Sunday morning when there is little traffic. Take a friend and enjoy the ride. NOTE: There seems to be a lot of debris and glass so make sure you have good puncture resistant tires on your bike too. (Difficulty: Easy)
Craig - Gun Range - Grand Canyon
(Starting Zip: 89130) 35 miler starting behind McDonalds (Craig/US-95) make your way to W. Alexander and then to N. Jones. Left on Grand Teton Dr. to Thorn Blvd, then take N. Decatur Blvd to the top of the hill (Gun Range). On a clear day you can see forever! Return trip take you by Floyd Lamb Park to N. Hualapai Way to W. Alexander Road and back to start. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Lynetta's Excursion Ride
(Starting Zip: 89118) Enjoy numerous street and trails that are often ridden on typical rides. There is a pretty decent climb up Cheyenne and the western beltway trail and a really fun decent down Sahara. (Difficulty: Moderate)
M Casino, 26.5 Mile Hills Route
(Starting Zip: 89044) Start location is the M Casino. Then spend some quality time going through Madera Canyon, Anthem, and 7 Hills. Finish by riding the paved path that runs along St Rose back to the M. Plenty of parks for water refills and a Starbucks sits merely 3 miles from the finish line. For some reason the .GPX file generated by MapMyRide doesn't contain the amount of climb but it's in the neighborhood of 1640 ft (Difficulty: Moderate)
Reverse Red Rock Outer Perimeter - Maule & Fort Apache
(Starting Zip: 89117) This is a fun ride from Summerlin into Red Rock going in reverse... entering in from the 160 instead of W. Charleston. This particular route is a good one in the early summer morning hours. Fort Apache is the main area to be careful of as the road narrows down into a 2 lane road with little shoulder. Instead of Fort Apache, you could ride down Durango or Buffalo. Buffalo being the least traveled, but then that adds more miles to the ride. Your choice. Either way, fun ride today with the crew. Start/end at the Starbucks on Hualapai, just South of Desert Inn. (Difficulty: Moderate)
New Harmony to Parowan, UT Loop
(Starting Zip: 84757) Great ride from New Harmony through Cedar City and back through Parowan, UT. Normally temps are about 20 degrees cooler than Vegas. On this ride, of course they had a hotter than normal temperature day, and about 20mph steady winds (not in the forecast) that gusted to 32mph on our return giving us a head & crosswind for about 30+ miles! However, the route & company made up for it. This is the 3rd time I've gone up to ride in New Harmony and only the first time with this weather experience. Normally it's cooler and cloudier... at least I hope it's normally that. LOL! Fun ride. NOTE: If you take a group, keep in mind there is very limited parking and you'll want to carpool as many people as you can since the starting location is a Texaco gas station and not really a parking lot. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Centennial Center Romp
(Starting Zip: 89149) Start at Centennial Center in NW Las Vegas. Up Tropical and over to Hualapai. Down Grand Teton, over to Racel. Around Silverstone, up to gun range wind back to start via Tenaya to Azure. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Saturday Short and Sweet Southern Highlands to Henderson
(Starting Zip: 89141) Fun ride today everyone! Loved the tailwind on our backs down St. Rose. Headwind on the way back? That's a different story. lol! Rolling hills and beautiful scenery. For anyone who hasn't done this route, there are a few places crossing over the I-15 and 215 freeways to watch out for. Other than that, smooth sailing. (Difficulty: Moderate)
Potosi and Lovell Canyon from Blue Diamond
Climb, climb, climb! The climb up to Potosi is on the 160 and is one long (about 10 miles) climb. Stop at the Fire Station, refill your water bottles from their hose (pretty good water). Beware, the road you turn on to get into Lovell Canyon is a rough road. It's paved, but very bumpy and if there has been rain, there will be gravel and rocks. That road has more climbing, but there is some reprieve as well. Once you get to the end, you have a few more big climbs to get out of the canyon. Be extremely careful making a left turn onto the 160. You have a good 3 mile climb to get back to that Fire Station - and then it's all downhill. Great ride to get away from traffic! (Difficulty: Hard)

Newest Garmin GPX Route: Wetlands Park Trail, Flamingo Arroyo Trail, and Las Vegas Wash Trail
(Submitted by Jaguar)

Wetlands Park Trail is moderate, but the other 2 trails are easy.

Difficulty: Easy

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